Great Decisions - Course Overview & War in Ukraine

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Great Decisions, produced by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA), is America’s largest civic discussion program on world affairs. Each week covers a topic of great importance to Americans, a short video is shown, and a discussion of American policy is facilitated. Attend the entire series of lectures or one lecture; no registration is required.

This week: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (and U.S./Western support for Ukrainians) dominates our foreign policy in 2023. Russia and Ukraine have a long, shared history and culture, but Ukrainians resent Russian domination and have developed a strong national identity. Russia feels threatened by Ukrainian alliances with the West. What does Putin hope to gain by this invasion, and what is at stake for the U.S. and the West in the outcome?

Joyce Francis, PhD.Great Decisions at the Jefferson County Library has been facilitated since 2013 by Joyce Francis, Ph.D. Joyce taught International Relations at George Mason, Tulane, and American University prior to moving to the Olympic Peninsula. For further information about the Great Decisions 2023 program, contact Joyce.