PTFF Roadshow at the Library: Reviewers Choice Shorts

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Program Type: Movies & Music
Age Group: Adults, Teens

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A collection of films from around the world representing the genius of filmmakers to capture and portray individual human drama. These shorts were given highest ratings by the PTFF review team. The film series runs approximately 81 minutes.

The Voicemail
USA 2018 
Director: Kyle Solomon 
A missed call. A tired heart. Another earth-shattering day of being Black in America, told from the perspective of a son hearing his mother’s warning.

Gun Shop 
USA 2018 
Director: Patrick Smith
Animated short that juxtaposes the frightening visual power of guns with a whimsy of Jazz percussion, and a dose of cultural irony.

Never Land 
USA 2018 
Director: Brett Smith
Powerful story of an inner-city foster child whose only escape is his imagination and daydreams of Never Land, a book he covets but has to hide from his troubled familial situation. In Never Land, he fits in with the Lost Boys that have no parents.

The Match  
Finland 2018
Director: Pia Andell
Competition is never easy. Two middle-aged women on a tennis court. One hour. Few words. 

Driving Lessons  
Iran 2019
Director: Marziyeh Riahi
According to the laws of Iran, Bahareh must have her traditional and chauvinistic husband accompany her to driving lessons so she and her instructor will not be alone. Persian with English subtitles.

The Dishwasher  
USA 2017
Directors: Sam Roden, Nick Hartanto
A celebrity chef at a high-end restaurant asks his young Latino dishwasher to find good tortillas for a last-minute addition to the dinner menu. The young man has ambitions to be more than a dishwasher and wants to impress the chef, so he sets out on a challenging quest to bring back authentic tortillas in time for the dinner rush.

The Neighbor's Window  
USA 2019
Director: Marshall Curry
Disgruntled with her life as a wife and mother of young children, Alli discovers that she can see into the apartment of the new neighbors, a free-spirited young couple whose lives are different from her own. A deeply provocative film that takes an unexpected turn and provides a look into our preconceived perceptions.

Jefferson County Library is proud to be a part of the 2019 Port Townsend Film Festival by hosting a free cinema at the library. All films are open to the public free of charge with advance ticket. Tickets will be available at the library 30 minutes prior to film start.